VersaSpa Spray Tan

To help ensure superior results, you should be aware of the following guidelines before coming in for a VersaSpa tanning session.  The specially formulated solution is applied and absorbed into the top layers of the skin and will fade with the natural exfoliation process of the skin.  Starting a UV-Free session with freshly rejuvenated skin will deliver the best results. 12715298_574491842717121_3425414218931693175_n

Before Tanning

  • Shower prior to spray tanning (within first 2 hours is optimal)
  • Exfoliate, shave and come in without makeup, deodorant, or lotions on the skin.
  • Remove all jewelry. Body piercing jewelry can remain.
  • Bring along dark-colored, loose-fitted clothing to wear after tanning (preferably cotton).
  • We recommend avoiding bras, socks, or underwear for at least two hours prior to tanning.

After Tanning

  • Wait at least 6-8 hours before showering, moisturizing, or partaking in any strenuous activity.
  • Apply a salon certified Tan Extender Moisturizer daily to help keep skin hydrated, smooth, and to prolong tanning results.
  • Use Touch-Up Spray (if needed). We offer several options if necessary.
  • If there are dark patches around hands, feet, etc., use an emery board to lightly exfoliate the area.
  • Since the face is the first area to lose its tan, we offer a face only touchup session in our VersaSpa!
  • Stay away from Dove products. They will quickly fade your spray tan!  We offer a variety of products to prolong your deep, natural looking bronzed skin.

Upon your session, a knowledgeable staff member will assist with instruction on proper positioning and proper preparation using barrier cream, a hairnet, nose plugs, and sticky feet all of which will be provided for you without purchase.  Your assigned staff member will not leave your tanning room until you are fully comfortable with the system and process at which point we will start your tanning booth for you at the front desk.  Spa robes are conveniently located in each room for any last minute questions that may arise.

If you have any other questions, please ask our friendly staff.


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Note: VersaSpa Solution does not contain sunscreen and is not a substitute for proper sun protection.